UK TV Sports HD Xo1000 IPTV List on Navi-X

Here is a look at the UK TV SPORTS HD Xo1000 IPTV LIST that is available through Navi-X.

I saw this posted on Kodi Now and the streams are good quality and is definitely a playlist that people who like their sports will enjoy.

Currently working streams on the playlist are:

  • Sky Sports 1,2,3,4,5,News HD (they are not really HD but they are good)
  • футбол 1,2,3 HD (Russian)
  • НАШ футбол HD (Russian)
  • Eurosport HD (Russian)
  • Viasat Golf, Sport HD
  • СПОРТ 1 HD (Russian)
  • Bein 2,3,4,5 (Not HD)
  • Fox Sports 1,2 HD (Spanish)

There are also other live TV channels which you can use as well.

To view this you will need to find it in the sections marked:

Most Viewed 24 Hours

Most Recently Updated

Once you have it add it to your favorites for easy access.

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