Tutorial How to Install the Community Portal for Kodi

Update Nov 19th

Updated to v2.1.8


  • OpenELEC NOW FULLY SUPPORTED! You can now add OpenELEC backup tar files as an option for install.
  • Fixed the issue with backgrounds not installing on some droid devices, was spaces in the filepath!
  • Added Jarvis compatibility to CP web form and in addon.
  • Backup will now also backup script.skinshortcuts so now fully supports builds with skins like Aeon
  • Improved backup dialogs so it doesn’t appear unresponsive when you click on it.
  • Now notifies after restart (after installing a build) of the update process that’s about to take place.
  • New live update link added so important announcements can be sent for user to click on.
  • Not totally addon related, it sort of is… Check out the mycontent area on noobsandnerds. You now have access to all your tutorials, builds and downloads.
  • Re-worked maintenance section much more noob friendly and added these new functions:
  • Check For Special Characters – This will search a path for any files with non-ASCII chars and can delete them.
  • Clean My Kodi Folders – This will clear all cache including packages, thumbnails etc. It also tells user how much space can be saved.

The URL you add to the File Manager in this guide is the correct URL. You may get an error saying it cannot connect but would you like to add it anyway, select Yes as it will eventually work, it is just really slow at connecting (they need to sort it out).

The add-on formally known as the Total Installer is now known as the Community Portal. It does exactly the same as Total Installer; the only change is the name.

Community Portal is an add-on that allows you to search for and install any Kodi add-on. Whenever a new add-on is released the devs add it and try to keep it as up-to-date as possible.

To Install:

  • Open Kodi
  • Select SYSTEM > File Manager

  • Select Add Source

  • Select None

  • Type the following EXACTLY http://noobsandnerds.com/portal and select Done

  • Highlight the box underneath Enter a name for this media Source & type noobsandnerds (or whatever you want to name it)

  • Select OK

  • Go back to your Home Screen
  • Select SYSTEM

  • Select Add-Ons

  • Select noobsandnerds or whatever you named the source

  • Select Install from zip file

  • Navigate to where you downloaded the zip in the first step and select noobsandnerds_repo.zip

  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification

  • Select Install from repository or Get Add-Ons on Helix

  • Select noobsandnerds Repository

  • Select Program add-Ons

  • Select Community Portal

  • Select Install

  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification

The Community Portal is now installed. To add your Noobs and Nerds login use the guide below.

  • Go back to your Home Screen
  • Select PROGRAMS

  • Highlight – DO NOT SELECT – The Community Portal

  • Open the Context Menu (C on your keyboard, right click with a mouse, long press on touch screen devices or Menu button on your remote) & select Add-On Settings

  • If using your Noobs and Nerdas login then select Use Noobs and Nerds Login, enter your Username & Password and select OK

Your login credentials are now entered and saved. You can access The Community Portal via your PROGRAMS menu.

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