Tutorial How to Install Navi-X Kodi XBMC

Here is a guide for installing the hugely popular Navi-X add-on for Kodi / XBMC. Navi-X aggregates all the links from verified users on the Navi-Xtreme site. You will find a massive choice of stuff to choose from. It is fairly simple to use but if you really play around with it you can find some great lists and create a nice list of favourite users and channels to watch.

  • DOWNLOAD Navi X (version 4.0) and save to somewhere you can easily access from the device you will be installing Navi-X
  • Open Kodi / XBMC
  • Select SYSTEM
  • Select Add-Ons
  • Select Install from Zip File
  • Navigate to where you saved the zip file in the first step and select script.navi-x4.0.zip
  • Wait for Add-On Enabled Notification

Navi-X is now installed and ready to use. The add-on is accessed via the PROGRAMS menu rather than VIDEOS

  • Select PROGRAMS
  • Select Navi-X
  • Select Navi-X Start Here

This will be the section that you visit the most. I recommend playing around to see just exactly what each section in here offers. The more you play around with this the easier you will find stuff you want. It can be a bit daunting at first because of all the content that is available

You can also create an account at NaviXtreme.

Navi-Xtreme makes it easy for you to share your media links with other Navi-X users and gives you a verified list of user media to browse. All media entries are automatically tested daily and any dead links are hidden. This takes the pressure off of you to keep your links current, and makes for better Navi-X surfing.

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