How to Install Prozone IPTV Playlist Kodi

Here is a guide for installing the Prozone IPTV Playlist on Kodi. The post was found over on the Kodi Now blog and thanks Alan for pointing it out to me.

You can read more about Prozone IPTV on the blog that is linked above. The post was done by IJ0RD8N so follow him for updates.

  • Select VIDEOS > Files

  • Select Add Videos…

  • Select None

  • Type the following EXACTLY – & select DONE

  • Select the box marked Enter a name for this media Source

  • Type prozone. You can call it anything you want but this is just for the sake of the guide

  • Select OK

  • Leave everything as it is in the next screen and select OK

The ProZone IPTV list is now ready to use. To access it open VIDEOS > Files

Select Prozone or whatever you named the source and you will see a list of m3u’s. Select any and enjoy.

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