Cato Command Launcher for Chrome

Cato Command Launcher for Chrome

Cato is command launcher for Chrome (also available for Opera). Give Cato an action you’d normally do with your mouse or keyboard shortcut and it will do it for you. The days of remembering keyboard shortcuts and excessive mouse use are over.

Feature List:

  • Bookmark and un-bookmark pages
  • Create new windows & tabs (including incognito)
  • Close tabs (single or multiple)
  • Copy the current URL
  • Calculate numbers with built-in calculator
  • Change tabs
  • Detach tabs from their windows
  • Disable/Enable/Uninstall Extensions
  • Duplicate the current tab
  • Copy current URL
  • Detach tabs
  • Find bookmarks and open them
  • Play/Pause videos
  • Sort open tabs by URL
  • Merge all browser windows into one
  • Open your Bookmarks, Downloads, History and Settings pages
  • Toggle Bookmark
  • Navigate through Pages & Tabs (Forward and back)
  • Mute tabs
  • Toggle Fullscreen mode
  • Reload tabs (single or multiple)
  • Search Google, Youtube and Gmail (more coming soon)

Cato Command Launcher for Chrome


Activate the Extension by using [Command+J] on Mac & [Control+J] on Windows or Linux or assign your own custom command

Cato Command Launcher for Chrome

Download from the Chrome Web Store

Download from GitHub

Source: Kodi Addons

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